Kerri-Anne Edge


Kerri-Anne facilitates Turning Point for the Southern Lakes District in Otago and Southland. She first attended Turning Point as a participant in 2013.  At the time Kerri-Anne was facing a significant period of change in her career.  She had been in a secure government position for ten years but felt she had outgrown the role. “I needed the impetus to forego security and do something new and that seriously scared me. Turning Point gave me that precious space to reflect on what I love doing and think about what I wanted to do next.”

Four months later, Kerri-Anne made her “leap of faith” by taking a redundancy opportunity and established a business partnership with her husband Gerard. Within their environmental consultancy edge effect she works to her strengths with a focus on strategic planning and programme review, science communication and science brokerage. In 2015 Kerri-Anne was made a Fiordland Marine Guardian, an appointment by the Minister for the Environment to advise central and local government agencies on the management of the Fiordland Marine Area.

Kerri-Anne’s 20+ year career in conservation ecology has taken her to many fascinating locations in NZ, Australia and the Pacific.  “On some assignments I have spent up to 12 months living with a very small group of people in extremely remote locations.  These situations provided me with an enormous opportunity for personal growth and to develop the necessary ‘survival’ skills to get along with a wide range of people, work as an effective team member, to lead, and allow oneself to be led.” These are just some of the skills she likes to draw on as facilitator for Turning Point.

Kerri-Anne is delighted at the way her different career and life paths have converged and Turning Point aligns perfectly with her philosophy to all her work: “It is a process of peeling back the layers and getting to the fundamental essence of who we are as individuals, our values and the steps we need to take individually and collectively to participate in life.”  Richard and his team welcome the opportunity to have Kerri-Anne on board as a facilitator for Turning Point.

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  • Kerri-Anne Edge


    Kerri-Anne facilitates Turning Point for the Southern Lakes District in Otago and Southland.  

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