Sarah Cross

Senior Associate

Given her experience in growing young adults and her fascination with the human mind, facilitating Turning Point for Richard Joseph & Associates was a natural fit for Sarah – this three day personal development course sets people on the path to realising more of their potential.  Since joining Richard Joseph & Associates in 2014, she has branched into leadership, team development and coaching, and has had success working with organisations in heavy industry, local government and health.


Sarah honed her facilitation skills and knowledge of the learning process during her early career teaching in Dunedin secondary schools. It was an occupation which enabled her to indulge her lifelong interest in people and passion for learning. Making the move from formal education of teenagers to informal development of adults has been a hugely rewarding experience for Sarah, “I’ve always loved connecting with people and helping them grow – watching them become empowered by new knowledge,” she explains.


Sarah credits her love of travel and language with giving her an understanding of and appreciation for the power of diversity. This belief forms the core of her approach to her work, “I help people to see that, although difference can be annoying, the performance of a team increases drastically when they begin to embrace that difference: see it as complementary rather than conflicting. They are then able to harness the power of many and start to see synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”


Sarah’s extensive experience and qualification in the area of pedagogy (the theory and practise of education) enables her to make a valuable contribution to programme development. She is part of the team which reviews and revises the offerings of the company to ensure they remain current, relevant, interesting and effective. Sarah enjoys the creative challenge of this aspect of the job, and believes that, “Blending recent research in psychology with current trends in business and applying them to the most common issues facing organisations today is the key to our success.”

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