Lighten your Lifeload

Tired?   Exhausted?   Overwhelmed?   Too much life in your life?

Lighten Your Lifeload is designed to give you the knowledge, self-awareness and motivation to make every day more manageable and enjoyable, giving you energy for the things that really matter to you.

By understanding how our body makes energy, where you are spending your energy unwisely, and how your mind is the key to it all, you can begin to lead a life that is not only manageable, but enjoyable, fulfilling and anything else you want it to be.

Our modern lives are fast-paced and demanding. This takes its toll on our energy levels and our ability to be there for the people who mean the most to us.

Everyone is expected to do more with less – expectations on businesses, government departments and non-profit groups are at an all time high. By extension, families are under more pressure than ever before and women are often at the centre of the storm. Compounding this situation are the following factors;

  • Smart technology allows work to intrude on our non-work time and makes us available 24/7.
  • Many families are dispersed around the country or the world, meaning support networks are smaller and weaker than they used to be.
  • Communities that were traditionally built around the village or the church have been eroded as cities have grown and religion has declined.
  • Nutrient-poor food is abundant, powerfully marketed, and easily accessed.

The result of all this is that people are not only struggling with heavy workloads, but heavy lifeloads as well. Too many of us start every day depleted of energy. Our performance at work suffers, and so do our relationships. We feel as if we are just keeping our head above water, and perhaps sometimes sinking below it.

If you are interested in learning how to manage yourself and your energy so that you can better meet the challenges of everyday life, click here to register your place on the course.

Lighten Your Lifeload takes a three pronged approach to energy- and stress-managment: the physiological, the mental, and the practical.

In just two 90 min sessions, you will learn how to;

  • get more energy
  • become less stressed
  • say no more often
  • live in the moment

And, most importantly, challenge the expectations that lead to you being stressed in the first place.

Developed and facilitated by experienced personal development and performance consultants
Richard Joseph & Associates, authors of the successful programme Turning Point.

Only $69.

This course is held over two evenings, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

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  • Lighten your Lifeload

    Tired? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Too much life in your life? Lighten Your Lifeload is designed to give you the knowledge, self-awareness and motivation to make every day more manageable and enjoyable, giving you energy for the things that really matter to you.

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