Your team members work together every day, but are they working as a team?

High performing teams aren’t simply made by gathering the smartest, the most experienced or even the nicest people. They are built through the conscious efforts of the team members themselves. RJA Team Player gives team members the ability to effectively work together for team success.

True team players all work towards the same goal - no one wins unless the team wins.

RJA Team Player

A series of five (5) half-day workshops which harness the diversity and potential of your team. Topics covered include building self-awareness and awareness of others, recognising and valuing individuals’ strengths, effective communication, building trust and embracing conflict.

Module 1 – Building self-awareness and awareness of others

Module 2 – Communication

Module 3 – Trust and Collaboration

Module 4 – Conflict

Module 5 – The Change Process

Duration:             Five half days