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In preparation for your course, you may wish to take some time to read and watch some of the following:




TED Talks

Why we all need to practice emotional first aid
- Guy Winch

Why good leaders make you feel safe
- Simon Sinek

How to run a company with (almost) no rules
- Ricardo Semler


TED Talks

The puzzle of motivation
- Dan Pink

The way we think about work is broken
- Barry Schwartz

The power of introverts
- Susan Cain



Sweet Success
- Sally Blundell (Listener, Nov 15 2014)

Topic: The importance of self-control

Crash Hot
- Donna Chisolm (Listener Dec 20 2014)

Topic: Confidence and self-belief

New Ball Game
- Rob O’Neill (Listener, Aug 29 2015)

Topic: Creating motivating workplaces

Uncommon Sense
- Tim Dean (Acuity, Feb 2015)

Topic: Decision-making

True Leaders Believe Dissent is an Obligation
- Bill Taylor (

Topic: Encouraging diversity of thought


Managing Your Mind
- Gillian Butler

Topics: Self-Management, Mental Wellbeing

Primal Leadership
- Daniel Goleman et al

Topic: Being an emotionally intelligent leader


White Pages

The Human Era @ Work
- The Energy Project and Harvard Business Review

How wellbeing relates to productivity

What people need to be their most happy and productive at work