Our Purpose

Developing authentic leaders, demystifying engagement and growing your bottom line.

The performance of your people is key to organisational success, but performance is just the tip of a large and complex iceberg. Performance is the outcome we all want. Performance is the part we see. But, what we don’t see, and what we certainly don’t focus on enough are the things that create outstanding performance: leadership, culture and engagement.

Focusing only on the product of these things, performance, is like trying to avoid an iceberg by sailing right past the tip – you will be brought down by the larger, more powerful mass beneath. For it is leadership that creates the culture that leads to people being engaged, or engagement – the outcome of which is performance.

So let’s demystify engagement – Everybody’s talking about it, everybody’s trying to do it, but what is it all about?

Engagement – the whats and the whys

What are engaged staff? In short, engaged staff care.

- They care about your organisation and where it’s heading
- They care about your customers
- They care about their part in achieving the organisation’s purpose
- They care if they are late for work!
- They care about what it is you do and why you do it

Why do you want staff who care?

Research shows us that engaged staff result in
51% lower turnover
27% less absenteeism
18% higher productivity
12% higher profitability

Engaged employees believe that they can make a difference in the organisations they work for, and their performance shows this.

How do you get staff who care?

Our programmes develop the crucial personal and interpersonal skills that are used more frequently in organisations than any others, regardless of the industry you are in. A group of individuals does not make a team. A group of self-aware, self-managing individuals, with strong communication skills, an understanding of each other’s purpose and a respect for the value of diversity – that makes a team.

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, you need a focus on the things you can’t see in order to see the results you desire.