RJA Development Series

A Smarter Solution

In our current business environment we are often asked to do more … with less. One way to do this is to ask our employees to work harder, work faster, or we put to them that they should work smarter - without really knowing what working smarter entails.

RJA Development is a series of integrated programmes aimed at challenging the status quo, maximising the strengths of every individual and creating synergies and engagement within your organisation.  These programs go to the heart of working smarter by enhancing those things that are done more frequently in organisations than any other activity – communication, conflict and leadership.

Our programmes are designed to create a common framework around these essential, non-cognitive skills, from team member level through to the CEO.

RJA Team Player

A series of 5 half-day workshops which harness the diversity and potential of your team. Topics covered include building self-awareness and awareness of others, recognising and valuing individuals’ strengths, effective communication, building trust and embracing conflict.

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RJA Leadership

A series of 6 half-day workshops and an individual coaching session, underpinned by the learnings in Team Player, which looks at providing a motivating vision for your team, creating a culture of engagement, dealing with dysfunctional behaviour, how to coach your team and developing that all-important credibility.

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Turning Point @ Work

As the name suggests, this short course is a follow-up to our flagship programme, Turning Point, and involves taking key learnings from the parent programme and applying them in a work context. Your team are encouraged to challenge the status quo and explore new ways of doing things that increase efficiency and productivity and grow your bottom line.