Effective leaders have the personal capabilities, social awareness and communication skills required to inspire their team members and lead high performing teams. RJA Leadership develops the knowledge and ability to go from being a top individual contributor to a leader of people.


Presented by Senior Associate, Sarah Cross, we have an RJA Leadership currently underway, with the next intake scheduled for February 2019



RJA Leadership follows our “Engage – Participate – Activate” model of learning to ensure that participants have the time to put new skills and ideas into practice in the workplace. Unlike traditional 1-day workshops, our programme structure allows participants to maintain behavioural change for the long term. This programme consists of a series of six (6) half-day workshops, which focus on developing the non-cognitive leadership skills needed to connect your organisation’s plans to its people.

In addition to the workshops, each of the participants are supported in the application of the learnings through a one-to-one coaching session and a completion assignment. The coaching session gives participants an opportunity to ask questions and develop learning relevant to them and their situation. The assignment asks participants to apply a minimum of two new skills or tools to a workplace issue or project. They are then asked to present back to the group on their progress, learnings and the outcomes.

The themes and principles of RJA Leadership parallel those of RJA Team Player but from a leadership perspective. The two programmes are designed to be complementary, due to their integrated nature, but can be run separately. Following is a brief outline of the proposed content for each session.  

Programme Objective

To develop the leadership skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead a high performing and engaged team.

Programme Strategies

To recognise your leadership strengths, challenges and style and plan for working with them.
To develop the ability to recognise other’s strengths, weakness, energisers and stressors, and understand how they affect the work place. 
To develop the ability to grow/build effective teams.
To develop techniques that support effective communication within the team, from leadership to the team and with those you collaborate with (reinforcing good behaviour and managing unwanted).
To develop the mindset, skills and techniques required to lead during change.


Duration:             Six half day workshops, plus a 1 hour coaching session and an assignment presentation

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This programme is eligible for NZTE Funding.

You may be eligible for up to 50% of your training investment to be funded by NZTE. For more information on the NZTE capability development voucher please contact us.