Judith Stevich - Contact Energy

My Team Leaders are doing a lot of things that they've been holding back from.  They have a common language that enabled them to connect and ground themselves when faced with difficult situations and provided common values that underpin the way they behave in these situations.

On a personal level, it has enabled me to approach new situations wiht more confidence and more often get a positive outcome.

Judith Stevich

Manager, Contact Centre (Dunedin)

Contact Energy Ltd

Other Testimonials

  • Lesley Laing - Otago Regional Council

    If you need strong and effective facilitation skills and a personality that brings people on-side, I highly recommend Anna

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  • Barry Hanson - Department of Conservation

    Managers are much more inclined to self-lead and deal with their own problems, particularly in a strategic way, not just a task-level approach.

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  • Judith Stevich - Contact Energy

    My Team Leaders are doing a lot of things that they've been holding back from.

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  • Quenton Johnston - OceanaGold

    Turning Point – the foundation to a better business at OceanaGold Macraes Processing

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  • Bernie Hawke - Dunedin Public Libraries

    Thank you for all your support and invaluable assistance provided through the Turning Point Programme...

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  • Libby Angelo-Laloli - Dunedin City Council

    I hadn't really put too much thought into the content of the Turning Point course beforehand, as my biggest concern was actually just attending.

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  • Phil Ker - Otago Polytechnic

    Their feedback was enthusiastically positive, so we resolved to put all of our senior and middle managers through the programme.

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  • Barbara Laurenson - IRD

    Turning Point sets in train long term behaviour and attitudinal changes.

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  • Dr Muhammad Alabbassi, Bahrain

    Most of all though, for the first time I was not a "passive" watcher, but rather personally involved in the experience.

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  • Chris Meyer - Mainfreight

    The value of the course will continue to flow into our workdays and our home lives for a long time to come, particularly as the information gains a more conscious awareness through reflection and understanding.

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  • Fabienne Lecomte

    From the very outset of the course, I felt it offered something for me.

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  • Sue Chappell - Telecom NZ

    Professionally we now have a much closer team and have already spent time working on what our Team Values are - very different to what we had in the past.

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  • Jan Charles - Telecom NZ

    Lately I have quoted Turning Point to a few people and it took me back and I had to bring my book out and have a read of some chapters.

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  • Dion O'Donnell - Plunket

    The course has resulted in immediate changes in staff attitudes, beliefs and helped improve motivation and give staff a sense of control of their own lives...

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  • Phil Keene - Land Information NZ

    A great many of the staff have commented to me on the real benefits they received from participation in your programme.

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  • Jan West - Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu

    I am very pleased to advise that the response from those fortunate enough to participate has been overwhelming in praise of every aspect...

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  • Baden Ewart - Pegasus Health

    Richard is a skilled facilitator whose insights, observations and challenges, contributed to our personal and team learning and growth.

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  • Alan MacDonald - BNZ

    I found the content of Turning Point to be very thought provoking and it was good to have the chance to spend three days engaged in some "healthy introspection".

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  • B W Ferguson - LWR Industries

    The course left me with a huge feeling of elation - that I had the power to address the changes which I wished to accomplish in my life.

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