Turning Point

Grow your people, grow your bottom line

Most organisations today are required to do more with less. These efficiencies or productivity gains must come from one of four areas: people, technology, plant or process. As an owner or manager, once you’ve squeezed the most you can out of your technology or plant, and streamlined your processes, you come face to face with the fact that your greatest potential lies within your people.

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Why does it work?

Turning Point is designed to help your organisation create a dynamic, engaged and effective workforce by giving your people the knowledge and insight to realise what they are actually capable of and the tools to start living it.

Turning Point is a personal performance and development programme, grounded in the theory of psychology and human development. The programme is built on the belief that self-aware, self-managing individuals form the foundation of any successful organisation.   

When a person is clear about what is important to them, has self-serving beliefs about themselves and the world and recognises their power of choice, then they can achieve anything they set their mind to. When this individual works within an organisation that empowers them to make the changes necessary for personal and professional success, both the individual and the organisation benefit.

How does it work?

Turning Point challenges people to;

  • gain clarity about what they want in life
  • examine their beliefs about themselves and the world
  • address factors that are holding them back
  • experiment with problem-solving techniques
  • learn effective leadership and followership skills
  • practise working smarter, not harder

With this new-found knowledge coursing through their veins, many people return to work with a renewed vigour and the enthusiasm to step up to new challenges. Problems become opportunities; failure becomes feedback.

The programme has been carefully crafted over 25 years and during that time, produced thousands of graduates and helped numerous organisations create engaged, high-performing teams.

Potential is defined as ‘what is possible, as opposed to what is actual’.

What would your organisation be capable of if all of your team were achieving their potential?


Greater productivity

Increased engagement

Improved attitude

Reduced absenteeism

Better utilisation of time leading to enhanced efficiency

More solution-focused employees